Essay about Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccination conundrum
Angelo Carrion
Once upon a time…
Decades ago many children and adults contracted communicable diseases, including Tetanus, Polio, and Pertussis.
During that time, most people were much more frightened of the diseases than of the side effects of the vaccinations.
In Reality…
Today the situation is reversed.
In the era of helpful vaccines, many parents are becoming more concerned about the possible adverse effects.
Many parents of today have never experienced the consequences of these diseases and do not fully understand the dangers they impose.
The dilemma…

Part of the problem regarding vaccinations is that the public is not educated enough regarding the importance of vaccinations.
Also, it is largely due to the vast amount of propaganda available regarding vaccinations.
With the internet it is easy to do a search and find conspiracy links based on pseudoscience.
“Vaccines Are dangerous”
There is an rising emphasis on serious adverse effects of vaccinations.
Often statistics are manipulated to imply that vaccinations are more harmful than the actual diseases they mean to prevent. myth… Vaccines are not 100% safe all of the time and not effective
What is a Serious Adverse Event? An adverse event is any undesirable experience associated with the use of a medical product in a patient.
All Adverse Events that are reported are NOT caused by the vaccines administered!

reason or chance?
Correlation does not always equal causation. Epidemiologic date can be…

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