Vaccination For The School Children Essay

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The start of the vaccine movement was the year 1855; when the smallpox vaccines were mandatory for the school children. The state of Massachusetts passed the first U.S. Law, mandating vaccination for the school children. This practice continues still today. By the age of 6, 49 vaccines are given to the single kid. Certainly, vaccines have saved several lives up until today. This is one of the best action taken place for humanity. In fact, the majority population does not recognize that vaccines carry toxins in them. As a result, a certain population gets side effects through receiving vaccines. According to CDC data, there were 30,000 cases of adverse reactions per year in 2015. The stories of those individuals harms through vaccines are touching. So, we need to inspect in this matter of our society.
In the US population, some people retain a gene mutation that is, the MTHFR gene. With this gene, the human body 's detoxification activity is exceedingly low. These harmful toxins stay in the body for years. Besides, without a proper protocol, they do not get eliminated from the body. These toxins interrupt the growth of the individual. A child who carries the MTHFR gene and receives vaccines. Due to a weak immune system, the child receives an injury with this cocktail of immunization. In short, this becomes counterproductive for the individual; as the immunization is to protect them from potential disease. Their weak immune system cannot cope with the quantity of…

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