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The United Sates Postal Service (USPS) founded in 1775, is a federal agency that is responsible of providing postal services to citizens at a standard cost independently of location. USPS is the only delivery service institution that reaches around 150 million addresses around the country. USPS annual revenue is 65 billion for the closing fiscal year of 2012, and it also delivers around 40% of the world’s mail (David, 2015).
USPS source of incomes is based on the sale of postages, and product services such as: first class mail, standard mail, and packages delivery. First class is the prime income generator with an estimated earning of 45% of total revenues .It allows customers to ship items up to 70lbs, and it also includes library mail, and media mail. Priority mails divided in two sections: domestic and international. Priority mail has the option to deliver in 2-3 business days on packages that weigh more than 70lbs. Express delivery provides costumers with the option of express delivery based on a surcharge on their regular fee. USPS international segment accounts for 4% of revenues while Periodicals (magazines, advertisements) represent around 2.5% ,and the Miscellaneous segment such as insurance, delivery confirmation and money orders earning is around 6% of the overall income revenue(David, 2015).
USPS has been operating for more than 200 years, and the experience and business consolidation has been progressive and It has also been…

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