Essay about Using The Directions For Installing Easyphp

727 Words Aug 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Using the directions provided to install EasyPHP was a simple matter of installing the correct file. One of the difficulties is that the software on the website version is different from the directions and with version 16, looked completely different from the directions. By installing, 14.1, it seems to be similar to the version used in the directions which was 13.1. The next problem came that the Apache would not start but the MySQL did. The error indicated that the problem was the Apache port (80) was already in use. By using the internet, a fix was found to stop the port and allow the EasyPHP to start the Apache. To clear the port, command prompt had to be ran with admin rights and then type in: net stop was /y. This stops the services made by Microsoft from using port 80 and after restarting the EasyPHP program, the Apache started. Both MySQL and Apache are in started mode, see screenshot below. MySQL is an inexpensive relational database and said to be more reliable and faster than most other database systems. According to (n.d.), “MySQL can be integrated into a Web environment, and it supports C, Pearl, Java via the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC), and Python programming.” There is a lot of flexibility with MySQL to work with these programming languages and can be used with Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. MySQL is a client/server system in which software is installed on a computer to access the database on a server to save,…

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