Using Probit Modeling And Simulation Analysis Essay

1062 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
Using probit modeling and simulation analysis this paper sought to answer two research questions: (1) What are the effects of changing demographic characteristics on SNAP participation among seniors? and (2) What are the effects of the differential geographic distribution in terms of exposure to economic conditions, food and non-food policy characteristics on SNAP among seniors? This paper finds that state economic conditions make up over 71.54% of the change in SNAP participation while state food policy conditions are not as important, comprising 3.54%, and state nonfood policy playing a moderate role, comprising 32.84% of participation, all three by dampening the growth in participation. Although seniors population is changing in composition and becoming more diverse than previous generations of seniors, geography-related characteristics had more an effect on the changes in SNAP participation among the aging, as demographic characteristics accounted for 25% of the change by reducing the growth. This work can add to a growing set of literature focused on the aging as this population continues to grow.
The focus on how changes in demographic characteristics and the geography of the aging are important when looking at making effective food and nutritional programs that can reach the aging, especially as food insecurity grows in this population. This paper finds that demographics accounted for 25% of the change in SNAP participation over time. Demographic characteristics are…

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