Use Of Camera Work, Graphics, Editing And Sound Essay

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Armadillo, (Mentz, 2010) is a Danish documentary that follows a platoon of soldiers as they complete a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The filmmaker follows the men and observes each personally as the war progresses. This is done through the use of camera work, graphics, editing and sound. Mentz (2010) structures the story of the documentary chronologically. This is shown by onscreen text. He begins by filming the solders preparing, their final goodbye to loved ones, time at the camp, challenges they face and the next six months of duty before they finally head home. This allows the filmmaker to express the fragile state of war on an intimate level with the soldiers and produce a raw and refreshing documentary on war that has not been hollywoodized. The filmmaker approached the documentaries with observational and participatory modes, which enabled the camera operators to advance the narrative structure specifically by allowing the viewer for feel as if they are there with the soldiers. Mentz intended to raise awareness around the Danish involvement in the Afghanistan war and used this documentary to show the destruction that their soldiers are involved in. The filmmaker follows the soldiers and allows the action to be driven by the unplanned actions of the men. The structure of the story is edited chronologically with the exception of the beginning that uses flash back to add effect. Documentaries are used to show a state of reality. Armadillo, informs, educates and evokes…

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