Use Of Bar Code Technology And Effects On Medication Error Rates

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The Use of Bar-Code Technology and Effects on Medication Error Rates
Medication errors are very common in the healthcare setting. Medication errors are also costly to the hospitals. According to Gann (2015), there is a cost of approximately $16.4 billion at hospitals yearly due to preventable medication errors during inpatient hospital stays. A medication error occurs when there is an error in the way a medication is ordered, prescribed, monitored or administered. (Morriss et al.,2010).A preventable adverse drug effect defined as harm that occurs to a patient because of an error during medication administration. (Morriss et al, 2008). A medication error occurs when the exact orders a physician made for a patient are not followed accordingly (Young, Slebodnik and Sands, 2010). Medication errors occur for a variety of reasons, including, miscommunication between healthcare professionals, misinterpretation of the patient’s underlying health condition and current medication usage, misinterpretation of dosage of a particular medication by pharmacists during prescription filling or by the nurse while giving the medication, misunderstanding of abbreviated medical terms, and mistake using a wrong drug due to similarities in the names of two different medications that serve different purposes. About 7,000 people are estimated to die from medication errors every year (Young et al, 2010). Prior to 2004, bar-coding was not used in hospitals. It was and still is, the duty of the nurse…

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