Essay on Us, Uk, And China 's Health Care Systems

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Pre-Travel Short Essay:
The Comparison of US, UK, and China’s Health Care Systems
Lavian Tran
Austin Peay State University
Pre-Travel Short Essay The United States, United Kingdom and other countries such as China, are different in many ways. One major variance is the healthcare system. Focuses in healthcare are the systems themselves, how care is delivered, how much spending is occurred in healthcare, and other major health outcomes. Health reform is always being changed to provide better service and quality without the price tag that comes along with it. Citizens around the world from these various countries go through the health care system every day and it affects every single person on the planet. Whether it is because they can or cannot afford it, each country differs in making it a possibility for their people.
According to Behavioral Health, the U.K. has what is called “socialized healthcare” whereas the U.S. incorporates health into an opportunity for profit. Healthcare in the U.K. is handled largely in part by the National Health Service or NHS. This system is governed and funded from taxes, which also requires that each employed citizen must pay about 11% of their income to National Insurance (Behavioral Health News, 2013). The U.K also has private health insurance with offers choices and more privacy than the NHS, but unlike the NHS that accounts for 86% of total health expenditure, the private health insurance covers 12% of the population (Boyle,…

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