Us-Led Tpp and China-Led Acep Essay

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Xianghui(Ray) Chen 2153583
China and Global Financial Crisis

US-Led TPP VS China-Backed RCEP
—Applying Main IR Theories To US Policy-Making Process And Relevant Developments

The backdrop of the TPP and RCEP
TPP and TTIP are drawn from the two precedent successful free-trade experiments, the EU and NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement). EU originated from the European
Coal and Steel Community, before developing into the Common Market and further into
European Community, and finally, into the EU. 1The ‘living’, ‘evolving’ treaties and agreements of the EU very much guide the living agreement of TPP/TTIP. NAFTA originated from CUSFTA (Canada-US FTA), which was implemented in 1989, and followed
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2004. “In Defence of FTAs: From Purity to Pragmatism in East Asia.” The Pacific Review 17 (1):


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talks held in the Geneva Ministerial meeting from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Before
1995, there were about 130 FTAs/PTAs that had been notified to the GATT; whilst in 2005, the number notified to the WTO had mounted up to 300, with the number doubled by 2014.
In the Asia Pacific Area, FTAs notified to the WTO rose quickly to 40 by20145.
Furthermore, if under-negotiated and non-notified FTAs are to be included, the count of
FTAs within the Asia-Pacific rises to 71.6 This development not only reflects the stateactors’ frustration with stalemate of the Doha Round under the auspice of the WTO, but also images the governments’ preference as well as the need to upgrade the current the international trade system. However, a large amount of the FTAs has also raised some concerns in the international community. The first is to do with the ‘quality’ of the agreements. The second is the so-called

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