Urbanization Process In First And Third World Essay

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Register to read the introduction… For example, according to the peripheral urbanization, the state provides infrastructure in the main urban centers and proves services to selected groups to support industrial and capitalist expansion when the capitalist sector started to expand. (Pacione) Also, in communist countries like China, urbanization are likely to happen through central planning. During the early period of the Reform and Openness, the authorities focused on developing the coastal cities like Shenhen, while in the late 20th century, places starting urbanization would be those inland cities. By contrast, authorities played less influential role in the urbanization process in First World, which was mainly driven by the economic development.

As mentioned before, most of the countries in the third world were colonies of the first world countries before. Thus, what makes the urbanization of Third World different from that of First World is that Third World started
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Also, a lot of external forces, say colonization, globalization and foreign direct investment, arise in the urbanization process in Third World, and those forces were absent in the past in First World. All these make the characteristics of the urbanization in Third World different from that in Frist World. Yet, it is undeniable that the urbanization processes in both places were boosted by economic development and industrialization and it is inevitable for them to pass through the four different stages of urban development. While the countries in First World are facing suburbanization or even counterurbanization, one day, those in Third World will face the same situation

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