Urbanization And Urbanization Of Urban Areas Essay example

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With the growing population in the past years comes an increase in urbanization and industrialization, thus increasing the number of buildings in urban areas and consequently this means an overall rise in energy usage by the people. The increase in population and amount of people moving into urban areas is occurring at an alarming rate, but this doesn’t come as a surprise. Ever since 1950 this has been occurring. From 1950 to 1986 there was an increase from 600 million to 2 billion people located in urban homes and if this growth continues, it is predicted that more than half of the entire world’s population will be living in urban cities. In addition, it is projected that 700 million people will move into urban areas in the final decade of this century (1), which is quite the contrast to a hundred years ago when only about 14% lived in cities and even by 1950 it was only 30% of the world’s population who took the leap into city life (1). As this urbanization becomes more of a prominent factor in today’s society, so does industrialization. More and more buildings are being constructed in order to accommodate the large amount of people moving into urban areas. This only leads to one sure thing: there will be more energy consumption overall and will have grave implications on climate change if the standards for the types of energy used stays stagnant. There is close to 19 million barrels of oil being used per day in the world, with buildings being the biggest culprit of energy…

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