Unrealistic Characters In Ha Jin's The Bane Of The Internet

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Yuchin is the unrealistic character of The Bane of the Internet, a short story written by Ha Jin. This story has an almost humorous tone as two sisters, one who lives in China and the other in New York, communicate with each other. This character and her older sister wrote and sent each other letters via the postal service as their main means of communication until they discovered email. The name of the older sister is unknown but this story is told through her point of view. The narrator is the protagonist of the story and her sister is the antagonist. As adults the narrator, main character, continues to play the role of the older sibling by consoling and advising the younger. Through the course of the story Yuchin, the focus of this analysis, is materialistic, manipulative and annoying. The story does not develop this character very much so she would be considered a flat character. Yuchin is only described as a twenty …show more content…
This story is no exception to this, Yuchin had done all she could to get her way in order to buy the car she wanted and having her sister loan her the money. After getting the money Yuchin was happy and sent her sister a thank you email ending with a smile. The older sister was annoyed and said, “Get out of my face! (p. 596)” The story Bane of the Internet showed how something as simple as email became the bane of two sisters who lived in different countries. This story used informal language to tell it because it uses everyday words to tell it. The minor character of Yuchin is the younger sister in the story. Yuchin is a materialistic character wanting what others have in this story a car and will use manipulative tactics to get a loan from her sister by annoying her with the extreme measures she takes to get her way and once gotten becomes happy as can be. Ha Jin’s the Bane of the Internet is a very short humorous

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