Unmanned Aerial Systems : Drones Essay

1274 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
Introduction Over the past few years, drones have been gaining more and more attention over the possibilities they presume. The technology presented by an unmanned aerial system leaves the possibilities almost endless on what can be accomplished by these tiny man made aircrafts. From bringing video and media to a whole new level-literally, to using UAS’s to solve more serious and worldly issues such as early warning systems, emergency services, and reporting. In recent years, the use of drones as a hobby has also gained popularity across the world with the use of drones in sports and even recent drone racing events held across the world. Whether being used for one’s personal goals or entertainment or helping to bridge the gap in technologic problems, it is clear that drones have a big future ahead of them. Although the use of drones as a hobby or media advance has come to light in recent years, one of the largest and longest uses of drones has been the use of drones in the military. The first recorded usage of unmanned aerial systems was by the Austrians on August 22, 1849 when they launched around 200 pilotless balloons mounted with bombs against the city of Venice. The practice of aerial surveillance later emerged in 1898 during the Spanish- American war when the US military placed a camera into a kite to produce the first aerial reconnaissance photos. Since these times the use and technology of UAS’s in the military has dramatically broadened and excelled. When…

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