Essay On The Boiling Point Of Pentane

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The experiment was made to identify an unknown compound by using different methods. For example, boiling, freezing and the physical properties were used to help identifying the unknown compound. In the experiment the boiling, freezing and the physical properties were measured. Furthermore, a table of a given data was used to help identifying the compound by comparing the boiling points, freezing points and the physical properties given in the lab manual on pages (50-52). Identifying a compound can be crucial in real life situations especially when helping others. For example, in the emergency room doctors ask the patients about their medications before begging the treatment to avoid complication or reactions with the medicine taken, for that …show more content…
Plugging an X and Y value to show the data on a graph, which calculated the density and that gave the team a better understanding to the procedure. Then, the team began the first experiment with the boiling point of pentane. The team started collecting all of the data to solve the problems, such as having the temperature and time. The team determined the boiling point of pentane by using the thermistor. Then the team put some hot water inside a Styrofoam cup to measure the temperature and the team watched the difference between the time and the temperature. Later, the team measured the boiling point of pentane approximately to be 32.4690 Celsius. Then the team used another test tube with Acidic Acid in it and it was inserted to a Styrofoam cup filled with ice to measure the freezing point. The team observed the change in the temperature and how it decreased noticeably at first then it started to decrease in a more stable way. The team measured the freezing point of Acetic Acid, which was 13.884 Celsius. Then the team observe the super cooling experiment which was getting a compound reach past the freezing point without changing it’s physical properties. Furthermore, the boiling points of a compound do not depend only on what it is. The boiling points can differ based on where it was measured. For example, the boiling point in Bozeman is lower that at sea level because of the pressure difference due to the

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