Universal Healthcare Essay

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Universal Health Coverage: A Possibility for the United States
Brittannie DePew
Eng 122
David Moskowitz

Medical costs are getting too expensive. Ever fought with your insurance providers because they refused to pay for care, or struggle to find an “in-network” provider? I know a woman whose name I will change for her privacy and the struggles she is going through are a perfect example of an issue many people face when dealing with insurance; Nancy’s (name changed for privacy) story is a perfect example of how our healthcare system is no longer working for the people. Nancy is this woman whose husband recently passed away. Nancy used to work for county and county workers cannot receive social security; and Nancy is too
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Mostly, the lower incomes are those who suffer from lack of insurance including, part-time and seasonal, and anyone in the service industry. Obviously we need services such as people to help with daily needs, or daycare; yet, they are the individuals who do not have health coverage. Those who can be considered middle class, while having insurance, are underinsured and if a mishap were to happen, the middle class family would struggle; especially with the escalating price of medical assistance such as prescriptions.
Universal Healthcare can lower healthcare costs, which are on a constant rise. From the year 2000 to the year 2004 the cost of healthcare rose fifty-nine percent. (Leif, 2007) From that point, until the year 2016, cost are estimated to reach four point one trillion which is double the cost of what it was. Employers are trying to escape the raise in costs by either dropping insurance, reducing the amount of coverage, and/ or raising the cost of the premiums. The problem with the constant rise is that the number of United States citizens that can afford coverage is dwindling; even if they work. As a matter in fact the statistic for working individuals who work that cannot afford coverage is one in five. This due to that with the raise and employers doing what they can to avoid this problem it leaves the paycheck low. By instituting universal health coverage the cost escalation that is happening now

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