Universal Healthcare : A Global Institution Essay

878 Words Oct 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Universal healthcare is a global institution that has impacted many lives all around the world. Recently in the election cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders brought the idea of free healthcare as one of his campaign promises. The premise of this promise is that since all citizens need health care, it should accessible to everyone. Governments worldwide have gone through great lengths to be able to offer universal coverage to meet the citizens’ needs (Kieny, 2010). There are many challenges in establishing this kind of health care system in any kind of country. Countries in Africa have already implemented healthcare infrastructure that is similar to universal coverage. Even Rwanda, which is the poorest of the poor, has the most dramatic health gains the world has been in the last 50 years and this country accomplished this in the last decade. AIDS has been cutting life expectancies in Africa and is widespread in Rwanda, yet, life expectancy at birth in Rwanda has increased from 48-58 in the last 10 years. Deaths of children under 5 have dropped by half in five years; malaria deaths have dropped by roughly two-thirds (Wallace, 2015). The most important part of creating universal health care systems and improving revenues in developing countries is finding funding. Most funding for health care systems in Rwanda come from donors. The majority of the funding in most countries in Africa comes from state revenues. Some countries ask households to pay monthly or annual insurance…

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