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UnitedHealth Group Name of Student Institutional Affiliations UnitedHealth Group The UnitedHealth Group is a company that offers diversified health care management services. It is based in Minnesota in the United States of America. It is located at Minnetonka (UnitedHealth Group, 1974). It is ranked the 14th on the Fortune 500 List of the best companies and business enterprises in the world. UnitedHealth Group has two companies that offer their services and products to the consumers. The two

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Richard Burke adopted the idea and played a critical role in the founding of the company.
The UnitedHealth Group Corporation was created and launched in 1977. The professionals formed it so that it could provide a foundation for the reorganization of the existing company. As such, it became the parent company of the Charter Med Incorporated. Its launch came along with several new services that had been lacking (UnitedHealth Group, 1974). Some of them include drug, pharmacy formularies, pre-certification processes before admission in hospitals, cost management and control using physician office software, and the issue of insurance wrap. Other innovations that were incorporated into health care provision included the use of traditional HMO products and behavioral health care services such as mental health.
The changes formed an integral part of the heritage of the corporation. Its priority commitment was to assist the people to live lives that were healthier. The central idea was to use the best practices in the provision of medical care and the best business management policies so as to enhance the health of the patients. That would also assist in strengthening the system of health care in the United States of America. It is through these baseline innovations that the company successfully serves over 80 million people in the US and from other parts of the world.
UnitedHealth Group introduced the Health Plans for Seniors in 1979 (UnitedHealth
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