United States Government Is Tantamount Of Rome 's Republic Essay

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Monica Reilly Mr Dermody History 101 October 12, 2016
United States Government is Akin to Rome 's Republic
The strength of the United States of America was formulated by its design to be a superpower. These etiologies did not just appear by happenstance, these foundations where built on the ideologies of Rome and its political system. Like Rome, it had enough of kings and a monarchy. Rome overthrew its Etruscans rulers in 509 B.C. They formed a republic where citizens chose representatives to govern on their behalf, which was a precursor to our own. The United States modeled its new republic government very much like Rome, even Government buildings are akin to Rome 's architecture, as well as its desires to be an uncontested military strength
The founding fathers of The United States of American mimicked several aspects of The Roman Republic. The idea that NO one person had ultimate control was a strong influence to us. In Rome three branches of government was a way of keeping checks and balances. The highest position which loosely parallels our president was Consuls, two Patrician men were elected by an assembly to serve for a year. Each Consul was given Veto power over the other. In addition consuls controlled command the army. The consuls would be our Executive branch. The consul where elected from the Senate. Secondly, they had a Legislative branch the lawmakers of Rome, this is the infamous Roman Senate. Three hundred patrician men whom unlike our Senate were Not…

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