United States Government Is A 9 Week Course Taught During The Senior Year Of High School

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General Description
United States Government is a 9 week course taught during the senior year of high school. Each class is 90 minutes in length and class size can range from 30-37 students. Due to the lack of time available, content must be taught efficiently. The goal of this course is twofold: to give students a strong foundational view of government and to give students the skills to master complex literature which they will encounter in college. Content in this class is broken down in the following thematic units: foundation in government, comparative governments, federalism and democracies, tenants of the US Government, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, Bill of Rights, elections, political parties, local governments, and Tennessee’s government. Outside of the thematic units, students are given a current event every week that they must research and state their opinion, using evidence, in a 3 page paper. On Fridays I devote thirty minutes to debate on these topics to develop my student oratory skills. These debates are modeled by me at the beginning of the semester to ensure quality conversations of a respectful nature. Every student must participate and add their voice to the conversation.
The first lesson in this unit is used as a hook for the students to buy into the class and to model how we will operate in this course. We will use an excerpt from The Prince. Students love this document because it explores the nature of humanity…

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