United States Diminishing Education System Essay

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United States Diminishing Education System
The United States school system is in danger of becoming unsuccessful. A shocking 1.2 million student’s drop out of high school each year. There are other issues too such as the seemingly short amount of time students spend in school and parent’s not getting actively involved. According to Benjamin R. Barber author of “America Skips School,” black males are more likely to go to prison than to go to college, two out of three African Americans will end up dropping out of school and one out of four of them will end up going through a correctional system rather it being juvenile or prison (228). The United States went from ranking as one of the top developing countries with the highest high school graduation rate to being ranked 22nd out of 27 (Partnering for Education Reform). School systems need to step up and make some serious changes. In the following essays “America Skips school” by Benjamin, R. Barber, “In praise of the F work” by Mary Sherry, “Reading and Writing: A journey Through My Life”, and “One Writer’s Beginnings” by Eudora Welty the authors write about negative and positive issues about our generation and its education. Unless students begin to take their opportunity to get an education more seriously and break bad habits than our education system is going to keep diminishing the number of students graduating each year. A good example is in the essay “In praise of the F work” by Mary Sherry she explains some of the flaws…

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