United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team ( Us Cert ) Essay example

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As time passes, technology continue to evolve, become more advanced and easier to use and people also become more knowledgeable about technology. But this also create a huge problem such as hackers, people who do not respect the privacy of others. This was demonstrated when thousands of personal records from normal users was exposed online. This could be preventing if the system was tested carefully, which is what happened to Samsung newest smartphone when thousands of people reported the phone was busted into fire.
Issue 1
In fiscal year 2013, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) received a notification listed cyber incidents from major agencies and it was found that these major agencies did not consistently demonstrate actions that was needed in response to a detected incident about 65 percent of reported accidents. These ineffective cyber incident response was what led to an incident in September 2015, “when a departing FDIC employee took sensitive information that banks are required to produce to show they can withstand financial distress,” according to (https://fcw.com/articles/2016/07/11/fdic-cyber-oig.aspx) from the Office of Inspector General.
Current Impact
The ineffective protection of many federal agencies computers can result in loss of sensitive information, unauthorized use of computer, privacy breaches and many others threat to the nation and federal employees. While some incidents can be resolved quickly and at…

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