United States : A Global Superpower Ranks Fourteenth Essay

725 Words Apr 19th, 2016 3 Pages
Pradeep Manivannan

Citizenship in the Nation Requirement 8

The United States, a global superpower ranks fourteenth in the world in education. With many schools falling behind in standards while others which are globally competitive, this resulted in the development of the Common Core Standards by the National Governors Association in 2009. Common Core’s vision was to raise the educational standard in math and literacy, by targeting underperforming schools and reforming their standards to improve critical thinking, problem-solving and preparing students for college, career and life. Although the vision is correct in advancing the education of America’s youth, the standards and implementation of the plan not only stray from the goals, but are also harming the student’s education. While countries such as Singapore, China and Finland excel in math, Common Core has weakened the current math standard. In each of these countries including the US, first graders learn addition and subtraction. Singapore has developed their renowned “Singapore Math” program where teachers teach to the students potential while still covering the same standards. High performing students may be given tougher problems which require more thinking to them and lower performing students are still given the same standards but are taught in different perspectives so the students can grasp the situation through multiple angles. This method has shown its efficacy amongst Singaporean teenagers who have…

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