United Nations: The Most Powerful Organization In The World

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The United Nations is the most powerful organization in the world and it impacts everyday life. The United States President Woodrow Wilson founded the League Of Nations, but the idea wasn 't popular and the organization was not well respected. In 1945, after the conclusion of World War II, U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the modern UN in order to settle disputes with diplomacy, rather than war, and diction and the millions of casualties that World War II had caused. New York City is home to the headquarters of the UN, however, the UN is on international land and therefore doesn 't have to abide by one country 's laws. Secretary General is the highest position in the UN and the current Secretary General of the UN is Ban …show more content…
Instead of focusing on human rights, abuses in many countries, mathe YN has gotten involved in a lot of policy decisions within the United States. Ghs. X on ż many don 't believe in letting people carry guns without restrictions had been harshly criticized by the UN. The UN blames the las for. Ionen d within the U.S. employees of the UN have also claimed that the U.S constitution supports abortion, as well as other population control tools. John Holdren stated the founding fathers would 've supported population control “Holdren went so far as to say that the United States Constitution permits population control.” Every year the UN releases a budget and every year the budget increases. mas visas have gone up ghs U.S is the country that pays the most, despite China having nearly the same GDP, which cihtradtvtsthe UN’s zfzfdmsnfmfhzf zll. Ountfiex are equal. The security Council of the UN holds great power over the rest of the UN, as well as the world. The security council has not followed the rules of the UN and any decision that is made must be approved by a member of the Security Council. Temporary members of the Security Council meontvrecuegevthevsamr power as permanent members. Allege yoof have gern made that the fifrbpermdmrjy members of the Security Council, the United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, mandvFrzn d meet before the revolution excluding the temporary members. Only nuclear powered countries are on the Security Council, do on many issues the council had little democracy. Many Ountfiex, such as Ireland rely on the UN to decide whether or not they should join a war. The UN has used their power in poor says and have been riddled with scandals of poor ethics, as well as corruption. Employees of the UN have acted corrupt. Allegations have been that UN employees have taken bribes from countries in exchange for favors. Many have ingested that the problem of the UN is

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