United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Analysis

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In September 2016 the United Nations General Assembly held its 71st anniversary in New York when the heads of states delivered their speech on the current global issues. This year’s theme was focused on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated in 2015 which included seventeen significant goals to be reached by 2030 in order to push transforming the world!
However, this year’s agenda was also overshadowed by other crises such as overflow of immigration from the Middle East, Syrian Crises or the Islamic State presence in the Middle East or the prolonged unresolved crises between Israel and Palestine.
Though, inside the Middle East the prospect for a sustainable future can seem far beyond reaching mainly among the OPEC members who
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The type of solution that I recommend and research in this paper is emphasizing on the role that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can play in order to bring these countries closer together on a positive path. Successful implementation of these goals require the UN Development approach known as MAPS (Mainstreaming, Accelerating and Policy Support) which respectively means countries need to translate 2030 goals into their national level, identifying key elements to accelerate the process and in an efficient manner offer UN expertise to improve policy and programming.
I consider my role for this project will be firstly in the mainstreaming process through advocacy and creating awareness starting with holding workshops and lecture series on university campuses. This will require building relationships and networking with universities such as the American University of Iraq, University of Tehran in Iran and the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in Saudi
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Second, some believe the SDGs in contrast with the MGDs (millennium development goals) are set to include all UN member states and are less focused merely on the United States. Third, while each one of these countries are having their own set of time frames for the next fifteen years without clear agendas, the SDGs already lay out a model structure that can be followed laterally in the region mainly among these three key states creating healthy

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