The Old Regime And The Declaration Of Rights 1789

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The Déclaration des droits de l’homme evolved from “representatives of the French people, the National Assembly”. It was believed that the “misfortune of the French people” had effectively been caused by the “disregard” for the “Rights of Man”. (Van Kley, D, Baker, K.M, Bell, D.A, Bien, D.D, Birn, R, Kaiser, T.E, Singham,S.M, Wright, J.K, The French Idea of Freedom The Old Regime and the Declaration of Rights 1789. 1994).
The Declaration not only highlights the rights of individuals in France, (Johnson,V.R. The French Declaration of the Rights of Manand of Citizens 1789, the Reign of Terror and the Revolutionary Tribunal of Paris. 1990.) it also displays many of the core morals of human nature, “the principal ideas of equality and liberty
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1994). One could look at this first article with the impression that it displays a highly radical idea for the time the declaration was written. The first article displays the prospect that all men are born equal. One could come to the conclusion from reading this article of the declaration that revolution was brewing among the French …show more content…
Many of the articles agree in theory that further freedoms should be guaranteed for all French people. In practice however, one can come to the understanding that the initial ground-breaking and radical articles are only radical and ground-breaking in theory with relation to the context of when the Declaration was written. In this sense, time proves to be a major issue in attempting to classify the Declaration as radical. One could regard the Declaration in society today as being highly outdated and attempting to subjugate the rights of women. This is especially emphasised with the knowledge of goal 3 of the United Nations millennium development goals, “promote gender equality and empower women” (United Nations Millennium Development Group. Millennium Development Goals and Beyond 2015. 2014.) This suggests that the declaration no longer has a ‘radical’ or ‘ground-breaking’

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