United Nations And Human Rights Law Essay

801 Words Jan 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Aboard a ship, circumnavigating the globe on an academic journey to discover myself, I discovered a passion for international law. I have always aspired to do work that could create positive change for the world. When I took a research seminar on the United Nations and Human Rights Law on Semester at Sea I was able to translate the theory of international law as a means to help and protect people. I began to see the law as ideals that link people together, and as proof that there are deep-rooted similarities that bind human kind. In this way I am drawn to study international law with a focus on theory and human rights law. I believe my disposition will allow me to bring a greater, more cohesive analysis to contemporary international legal questions. A Master in International Law from the Graduate Institute would provide the training I need to become a leading analyst and expert in the field.

When I returned from my semester abroad I had a renewed sense of purpose. I took advantage of my university’s Individualized Studies Program to create my degree in International Relations. I designed my undergraduate coursework to cover five areas of international studies: global structure, international relations, regions of the world, global issues, and language. International law continued to play a strong role in my studies. In each class I would instinctively look at our assigned topics through a legal lens. In my International Political Economy course I did a research…

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