Unitary Perspective : An Integrated System Essay

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Unitary perspective:
In unitary, the organization is an integrated system, where common objectives, interest and purposes are shared for all its members, working together. It has a paternalistic approach where it demands loyalty of all employees, which is a value to be considered. Trade unions are perceived as not necessary and conflict as disruptive.
From employee point of view, unitary perspective means that:
• Working practices should be flexible. Individuals should be business process improvement oriented, multi-skilled and ready to tackle with efficiency whatever tasks are required.
• Employee participation in workplace decisions is enabled emphasizing team work, innovation, creativity, discretion in problem-solving, quality and improvement groups etc.
From employer point of view, unitarism means that:
• Staffing policies are intended to unify effort, inspire and motivate employees.
• The organization 's wider objectives should be communicated and discussed with staff.
• Line managers are intended to take ownership of their team/staffing responsibilities.
In pluralism, organization is deemed as being made up of powerful and divergent sub-groups - management and trade unions. This approach sees conflicts of interest and disagreements between managers and workers over the distribution of profits as normal and inescapable. So, the role of management would lean less towards enforcing and controlling and more toward persuasion and co-ordination. Trade…

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