Unit 7 Written Assignment : Assignment

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I was discussing with one of my friends about a week ago and observed that all does not seem to be okay with her and I demanded what the problem was. She told me that her education is facing an urgent challenge arising from an examination that her school authority initially decided would not be written because the course’s lecturer unfortunately passed on a few days to the examination date. So after about 4 months had passed and she has returned home from school, she was suddenly informed that the school has scheduled that exam to be written in about a week time.
It was this situation that got her frustrated because she had returned home from the school which is about half a days journey from her residence and with that, her dad at the moment could not meet the financial requirement that the trip requires due to some constraints. We had this discussion on the eve of the new exam date and it was very disturbing.
To me, though her situation is painful, I find it irrational and very disgusting for a lady well above twenty years in this present time to be heavily dependent on her dad financially even with his glaring limited resources that is highly competed for by the growing needs of his other children and entire family.
In a previous conversation, I had spoken to her on getting a paid job because I could not see any benefit or joy in staying idle at home for several months after her studies even while there are necessary things that she needs that

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