Unit 519 Develop Procedures And Practice To Respond To Concerns And Complaints

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Unit 519 Develop Procedures and Practice to respond to Concerns and Complaints
1.1 Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own home

The complaints policy for E-Spire Healthcare outlines the following aims:

To resolve concerns / complaints as quickly and effectively as possible, through an informal response by a frontline member of staff. If this is not possible then through a more formal investigation and conciliation in an open and non-defensive way.

To ensure that all concerns / complaints are dealt with in accordance with the procedures.

To ensure that staff, patients and relatives/carers are aware of the policy and procedures.

To improve quality of
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2.1 Explain why individuals might be reluctant to raise concerns and make complaints
Although the client is receiving care within their own home a relative may feel like they are putting their loved one (the client) at risk of further maltreatment or prejudicial treatment if they complain.

They might fear that they will be identified as being the one whom complained and then, as a result, that the client might be the target of a rebellious staff members emotional response. Conversely, a lot of relatives see how hard the care staff are working and feel that they don’t want to complain because they sympathise with the difficult job that the carers have to carry out, so they might feel like they are being ungrateful for the care their loved one receives.

A relative might also not be aware that they can complain or might not know what the expectation are for the care of their loved one. They may assume that what has given them cause for concern is the norm and that in complaining they will be told ‘that is just the way it is’. A relative might not think their concern or complaint will be taken seriously or be dealt with professionally, they might have little faith in the management of a domiciliary agency or think that they will be alienated as a result of complaining.

Staff who are the subject of complaints or concerns may experience anxiety and stress.
Line Managers are expected to support their staff through traumatic and stressful situations; offering

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