Person-Centered Care: A Case Study

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R (2014) listed following actions to enhance person-centred care.

1. Flexibility in care: Flexibility could fetch easiness in patient’s lives and can also bring sustainability in the health care system.
2. Work in collaboration: Working collaboratively among patients, colleagues, patient family members, different service and voluntary organizations could obviously result in positive health outcomes.
3. Use of new technology: Efficient utilization of technology could help in cost reduction and also improvement in services through rising approach to communication and information.
4. Promotion of health education: This is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of patients to manage their own care.
5. Feedback system: Continuous remarks from
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5-8) explained person-centredness or person-centred cultures are continuously developed by practice development. Methods of practice development are accepting ethical systems, becoming person-centred, understanding values, acknowledging workplace cultures, active learning, emphasizing participatory approaches, assessment, appraisal, sharing of ideas, developing communication skills and self acknowledgement. Likewise, there are eight principles of practice development. The principles are:

1. The goal of practice development is to accomplish person-centred and evidence-based care through flourished workplace cultures.
2. Practice development focuses on micro-system level but mezzo and macro-system is also essential to provide their support.
3. Practice development incorporates workplace learning, emphasizing upon active learning and formal methods to improvise services.
4. Evidence from practice and usage of evidence in practice both are combined and facilitated by practice development.
5. Practice development blends creativity with intelligence.
6. It is regarded as a complex system because it implicates whole external and internal stakeholders.
7. Utilization of significant methods.
8. Practice development is engaged with skillful

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