Unit 512 Lead Practice in Promoting the Well-Being and Resilience of Children and Young Peopl

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You teach the young person to think differently and break it down to simplify it and help the young person understand it and to support them to overcome it. Every Child Matters promotes the 5 outcomes, which all sync with meeting the needs a young person well-being and resiliency especially around achieve economic well-being and promote positive contribution.

Promoting and supporting young people in regards to their health, self esteem, attachment issues, emotional security and relationships is very important to help the young person develop to their full potential into adult hood. At the home young people have a keyworker and work very closely with them. Young people are registered with nearest doctors, dentist, opticians to ensure they are getting all the necessary check ups and health needs required. Young people if they they suffer from anger management issues, emotional issues can speak with their keyworker and discuss incident occurrences and put in strategies to help the young person over come this. Also the young person maybe referred to CAHMS worker if needed. A young person will have a routine and weekly planner of school, activities and other social events will be on this calender.

This helps that young person develop their self -esteem and confidence, learn social skills, gain an education and remain in good physical health.

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