Unit 501 Essay

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Unit 501 Use and develop systems that promote communication. (SHC51)

1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role.

1:2 - Explain how to support effective communication within own job role.

Everyone in a managerial role is responsible for establishing the communication needs of the service users, providing appropriate support and ensuring any equipment needed to communicate is available. The Managerial role is to empower and promote the rights of every person taking into account individual needs, wants and rights.

Before any support can be given, the individual’s ability, needs and most importantly preferences should be considered and taken into account. When an individual enters any care setting they
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Often the care staff will know an individual extremely well and can recognise and interpret the intricacies of the individuals communication.
Behavioural Support Service Workers – work with individuals and their carers in developing appropriate methods for the individual to express themself in non-challenging ways.

Through regular staff, relative/carer and Service User meetings and/or reviews, information can be shared, efficient and effective health care and support given and decisions reached regarding assessed needs and outcomes/achieved outcomes. Effective communication means that the Individual is at the centre of every decision.

When planning such meetings the use of a planned agenda which is distributed to the relevant parties and requests for suggestions and additions to the agenda are beneficial in opening the lines of communication. When planning review,s the last review should be researched and any outcomes achieved should be noted and shared at the meeting. Any changes to the review information should be checked and changes made accordingly. Minutes of meetings should be taken and distributed to relevant parties following the meeting. This is also a valid way to communicate with parties who could not attend. Those who attended the meeting will be reassured to have written testimony of what was covered in the meeting

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