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Successful management requires more than just assigning tasks to the team. It calls for a leader who can inspire team members to achieve their full potential and company goals. People want to be guided by a person they respect and has a clear sense of direction. To be that person, there are certain things that you must BE, KNOW and DO. And that’s what developing leadership skills is all about.

Leadership-Today can follow improve on the managers leadership skills by following these steps to maintain effective leadership:-

1. Leaders challenge the process – They search for opportunities to change the status quo. They look for innovative ways to improve the organization. They experiment and take risks. Since risk taking involves
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5. Leaders encourage the heart – Getting extraordinary things done in organizations is hard work. To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions that individuals make in the climb to the top. And because every winning team needs to share in the rewards of team efforts, leaders celebrate accomplishments. They make everyone feel like a hero.
6. Leaders make a difference – Sometimes it's a contemporary role model who serves as an example of success. And sometimes it's a person who's personally helped them learn—a parent, friend, member of the clergy, coach, teacher, and manager.
7. Believing that you can lead - We're often asked, "Are leaders born or made?" The answer we give, with a smile, is this: "Yes, all leaders are born. (Leadership Challenge, Posner and Kouzes, 1997)

By following the steps above, Leadership-Today will increase market shares and the morale of their employees. Kouzes and Posner also states “that leadership doesn't depend on mystical qualities or inborn gifts but rather on the capacity of individuals to know themselves, their strengths, and their weaknesses, and to learn from the feedback they get in their daily lives—in short, their capacity for self-improvement.” (Encouraging the Heart, Posner and Kouzes, 1999 pp. 33)


The Leadership Challenge: How to Keep Getting Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations,

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