Union Diversification Can Make Labor Unions Stronger Essay

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Union diversification can make labor unions stronger. Labor unions in the auto industry have made improvements throughout the years. The biggest auto manufacturers in the United States are located in Michigan. They are Chrysler, General Motors and Ford. (I only know that because I am from Detroit and my father retired from GM.) According to Vedder & Gallaway (2002), “unionized workers receive higher rates of compensation. There is a belief that positive effects of unionization on employee morale can raise productivity as well as possibly economic growth” (p. 105). My work experience during college (my undergraduate degree) included working at a local grocery store part time where we had a labor union. This has been my only personal direct experience with a labor union. I was a full time student and a part time employee at this grocery store. I did get more in regards to wage but it wasn’t enough to make much of a difference plus I had to pay so much out of each pay check to be in the union. It was my experience that this union advocated more for full time employees and seemed to ignore part time employees. The only thing they ever helped me with during my year at this grocery store and in this union was to get bereavement leave when a relative died and helped me to only have to work certain hours due to my school schedule changing each semester.

Imberman (2015) states that “employees seek out unions when employers ignore their perceived grievances or do not treat them…

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