Essay on Union Busting By David Bacon

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Union-busting is a range of concerted efforts and strategies that aim at disrupting or preventing the creation of employees’ unions in organizations, mainly by their employers as well as politicians. David Bacon explores the evolution of union busting sophisticated strategies citing a case in Labour Department in California. With the perception that the department is mandated to implement labour and wage regulations to protect the rights of the employees, an official named Richard Sawyer loses his job. The Republican politicians together with the employers make an attempt to ban one of the most active and well established union campaign group referred to as Justice for Janitors (Bacon, 1996). With regard to section 8 (a) (2), such an attempt is a gross violation of the federal labour laws. This section prohibits such interference or move by the employers. As much as the move was focusing on the welfare of the employees, good faith is not sufficient reason for interference with the union’s operations. The employers ought not to interfere, in whatsoever manner, with the operations of the worker’s unions (Harcourt & Wood, 2004). A move to ban the unions’ activities amounts to domination of the employers union as well as unlawful assistance, which is a contravention of the law. The move to manipulate workplace demographics to develop a ‘union-proof’ workforce is violation of the law, as outlined in section 8 (a) (2) of the federal labour laws. This places the workers ‘union…

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