Unhealthy Lifestyles, Causes And Treatments Of Eating Disorders

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Your palms are sweating as you lean over the toilet. Eyes closed, breath wavering you raise your fingers to your mouth. Mouth open, shaking fingers move toward the back of the throat where they press down against it. Leaning forward as the contents of the stomach empty into the toilet, you are dry heaving now. This is not the first time today this has happened, in fact, it is going to happen numerous times more. Why? Because you are bulimic. According to Medical News Today, over forty percent of models are suffering from eating disorders. The fashion industry needs to regulate model’s weight to reduce cases of eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyles.
A popular trend in the fashion industry not only revolves around clothes, but in eating
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Many researchers believe eating disorders stem from a cultural obsession based around being thin, like models (Psychology). Young girls look up to models; most even aspire to be them. Woman with unhealthy BMIs are not something that should be idolized, or glamorized. Models start out young and are not completely developed, so as they get older and obtain more curves the pressure they feel to have slim frames is intense. Young girls going through puberty are forty percent more susceptible to having an eating disorder (National). By changing the standards of what is shown in the fashion industry it is not just models lives that would be changed for the better. Dr. Adrienne Key, a psychiatrist, said that although anorexia is the most famous eating disorder among fashion models, bulimia is probably the most common …show more content…
Is the mistreatment of the human body worth seeing slim models strutting down the runway? According to The New Daily, "With Fashion Week, and all of those thin models, and clothing that looks best on a size zero -- what that does is set a standard of what is socially desirable and prestigious that is likely to have a powerful influence on social norms," Us as a society are oppressing our own standards and are setting a negative stigma amongst those who are not model sized. she said. Dove has the Real Beauty campaign, where they feature fuller sized models, encouraging women to love their bodies no matter the size. A size 14 model would be evolutionary, and would break down the fashion industry 's boundaries. It would encourage young girls that size does not define beauty, and eating disorder percentages would

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