Media Fairness

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Humans crave information, which is why the media is heavily depended upon. Without the media, news would travel at a much slower rate, leaving the community clueless as to what is going on in the world .What is media? These are conscious to reach large audience by mass communication, it can be both print media or broadcast media. Even though the media plays a big role in the development of any community, its fairness in reporting news has remained controversial. The issue of unfairness in media has been associated to two major causes. One demand the cases of frightening of journalists who uncover unpleasant truths about such vices as; environmental abuse, human rights disaster and poverty. Second the issue of biasness along such factors as …show more content…
Biased reporting occurs when one group of people is given more attention in media than the other group which may be in a downside position. It may also occur when reporters take sides in reporting the news to the public. Media has more often than not chosen to support sides through highly organized and funded corruption which has compromised the independence of many media companies. Fairness in media reporting is embrace through modes like censorship. Media owners in their aim to comply with strategy may find sometimes compromising on the news that is report. This is because most governments normally want to be involved in close monitoring of the media to ensure that the data flows freely. This is presented in the manner in which media outlets suppress stories which they feel will undermine the interest of their company. Moreover, advertisers also use their monetary influence to sway what is broadcasted or printed through this media.
Another affair that has led to the compromising of fairness in reporting according to the existent of policies that initially purported to support the freedom of the media and fair reporting but has failed to do
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Some of these factors are beyond the control of media corporate as they form the very foundation on which the media are based. For example, the media has no alternative but them to obey with policies which may not necessarily promote fairness in reporting. Moreover, self- censorship by reporters in the field has contributed to lack of fairness in reporting. Therefore, in order to meet the standards of their viewers, the media houses must seek to engage in information creation themselves and avoid transfer only on what is reported to them. This will enable them to present subject as they are to the concerned

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