Essay on Unfair Labour Practices

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Research Paper on Unfair Labor Practice

The development of fair labor standards and its adoption in the business world was aimed at achieving a decent and humane working condition (farex. 2012). This defines the manner in which the relationship between the employer and the employees should be based on several principles based on the constitution. Fair labor practices include principles like non discrimination in which no person should be discriminated from employment in terms of hiring, compensation, retirement or termination and discipline, bias on gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, political opinion and others(fair labor association, 2012). In
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Labor relations can be of both international and domestic form and all deal with matters such as remuneration, job security, minimum wages, health and safety, social security and working time amongst others (Holley, Jennings, and Wolters, 2011). Any form of violations of such laws by employers or unions is therefore termed as unfair labor relations.

The federal law in the US prohibits any form of conduct between employers, employees and labor organizations that violates the US national labor relations Act or the NLRA of 1935 (Farex, 2012). The formation of this act was as a result of the prevalence of tactics which were used by employers to prevent their employees from joining unions and where unions existed, the protection of the union from any form of disruption in its activities within the workplace (Oliver, 2009). With its passage a new beginning legalizing unionization and collective bargaining gained its way and the formation of unfair labor practices which arose from any prohibited actions. From section 158, the employer is prohibited from interfering with the rights of employees or those of unions or even forming and dominating company unions since no employee should be fired, discriminated or violated against for their partaking in union actions. When such actions occur, the employer can be charged.

Unfair labor practices
In any organization, employees have the

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