Solitary Prisonation In Prison

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Solitary confinement should be removed from the U.S. prison system, due to the severe adverse mental and physical impacts it has on any person subjected to it. Prison is meant not only to keep away the dangerous people in society, but it is meant to reform and rehabilitate those people so they can actually function in society once they’re released. There are over 2.4 million people currently in prison in America, and statistically speaking over 50% of those people will become re-offenders after they are released. According to a report done by the Department of Justice, 404,638 state prisoners were released in 2005. After approximately three years, 67.8% of those released prisoners committed another crime. Additionally, according to the website …show more content…
We as a nation need to pressure the prison systems to change their policy on the use of solitary confinement in prison.
Solitary confinement causes severe mental illnesses and can lead inmates to self mutilation due to the severe trauma that comes from the extreme isolation. According to the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online, solitary confinement can cause inmates to develop anxiety, psychosis, paranoia, and depression. It can also worsen previously existing mental conditions in prisoners such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorder. This matters because many of the over 80,000 inmates in solitary confinement have a pre-existing mental illness, and instead of getting proper treatment for their illnesses they are placed in solitary confinement where they won’t be a bother. One of the major effects of solitary confinement is depression, which has a big effect on inmates since it can lead them to commit suicide. One of the more famous cases of this is the case of Kalief Browder, a teenager in New York who was arrested and put in Rikers Island for over 3 years
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I must ask anyone who may read this letter to tell your friends and family about the horrors that people face in solitary confinement. Take to social media to post about cases of neglect caused by solitary confinement. Even though there has been sufficient evidence for several years to show that solitary confinement is a torture method used by our prison systems to suppress troublesome, annoying, or just plain sick inmates, there is still no change in the right direction. For all of these reasons, this is why I strongly believe that the use of solitary confinement should be

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