Unemployment In Cambodia Essay

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Literature Review Unemployment is a person who is actively looking for employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is often used as a measure of the health of the economy (Investopedia, 2017). The measuring of unemployment rate is the number of unemployment divide by the number of people in labor force (Investopedia, 2017). Unemployment rate is given by the formula: Unemployment rate= !"#$%&’($#") *’)+& -+.’/ 0’/1# As well as the definition of unemployment is divide into two main categories, voluntary and involuntary unemployment. Voluntary mean when people quite their job and they find another job instead the old job. Involuntary mean that person quit their job because they have been fired or laid …show more content…
They usually create their bank account in foreign country and put their wealth in it, most of them sending their children go to study abroad because they have power and can earn their money very easily which come from corruption. In contrast, people in rural area are very poor, they can earn very less and some would face hunger. Also, power people always get benefit from people who live under their pressure that make their life even worst. Further more, some people in society are voluntary unemployment. The Voluntary Unemployment refers to the worker deliberately chooses not to work because of a low salary scale or can’t find out the suitable employment for them (Business Jargons). They are the people who decide not to participate at labor market due to the dissatisfied with salary but that doesn’t mean they are inability of working they just wait for the job which are suitable for them. Factor of Education Small job market in Cambodia could be a reason for the unemployment issue but poor quality of education in high schools, faculties and universities and the lack of vocational training schools in this country are the two major reasons (The Cambodia Herald, 2017). The quality of education in Cambodia is still low and the population is growing day by day even we have many human resource but the skill of competent staff is limited. Each year thousands

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