Undocumented Immigrants And Illegal Immigrants Essay

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In Australia, Augustino and Quinn (2003) sought the effect on attitude when describing the undocumented as “illegal immigrants,” “refugees,” and “asylum seekers.” Their research showed that attitudes were less sympathetic when the undocumented were referred to as “illegal immigrants” rather than “asylum seekers.” Pearson (2010) found that describing undocumented Mexicans in the United States as “illegal aliens” instead of “undocumented workers” increased the perceptions of threat and prejudice. Knoll et al. (2011) compared the effects of “undocumented immigrants” and “illegal immigrants,” but surprisingly no effects were found. Ommundsen et al. (2014) suggest that that Knoll et al. (2011)’s dependent measure “may not have been sufficiently sensitive to detect nuances in attitudes toward unauthorized immigrants, as participants were asked to choose between four rather crude policy options ranging from mass deportation to granting permanent residence/no requirements.” To build on such little research, Ommundsen et al. (2014) replicated Knoll et al. (2011)’s study and surveyed 274 undergraduate students in Psychology who responded to one of three randomly distributed versions of a 20-item scale measuring attitudes toward the undocumented. The labels used referring to the undocumented were the same as Knoll et al. (2011)’s and “illegal immigrants” yielded significantly less positive attitudes to the label “undocumented immigrants.” While there is little research on how…

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