Undocumented Immigrants : A Legal Or Illegal Manner Essay

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Immigrants can enter the US either in a legal or illegal manner. Employees who immigrated to the US legally are often referred to as document workers. Illegal immigrants who work are known as undocumented workers. Some of the difference between these two types of workers is the number of job options, and unstable job. Due to their citizenship status, documented workers have the ability to apply to more jobs compared to undocumented workers. The lack of citizenship restricts undocumented immigrant from applying to certain jobs. “Juanita 's mother worked at the local chicken processing plant, but rumor abounded that the plant would close any day” (0). Undocumented immigrants are often employed in job that are not stable. On the other hand, undocumented and documented workers are both immigrants. They both have to compete will natural born citizens for jobs. Moreover, most natural born citizens are better informed about the workforce system than immigrants. Immigrant may also have less work experience compared to natural born citizens.
2. How are mental health issues generally viewed in the Latino immigrant community? Cite your source.
Mental health issues are often negatively seen in many communities, especially in the Latino community. Unfortunately, there are countless negative stigma attach to Mental health. Due to the this many people affect by mental health issues refrain from getting help. "The stigma associated with receiving mental health care is one barriers, with…

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