Essay On Privatized Healthcare

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One of the major problems concerning the United States is the lack of access of treatment for people with mental health issues. The people suffering from said mental illnesses already struggle with their respective illness; however the situation is exacerbated by the stigmas associated with having a mental illness and the lack of treatments thereof. Without the proper treatment for mental illness, the quality of life for the individual degrades significantly, and the aspects of that are passed down to other people the individual may know or onto society as some cases of mental illness could even prove to be harmful physically to the individual or society. Having a mental illness on record could also prove to make some job opportunities very difficult for …show more content…
In socialized medicine however, the costs are put on everyone as opposed to privatized medicine in which the costs are not put onto the people who don’t want to have to pay for a service they may not want to use. People who argue in favor socialized medicine may also state that privatized health care has become unaffordable for businesses and certain individuals (Cite PD Source). However, once again, this is caused by the lack of competition previously brought on by interference from government regulations. People also argue that socialized medicine would simplify the paperwork process such as removing the claim’s process that would not exist if health care was provided by the government. While this would be true, this simplified process would also give the government access to records of the people that they would not be necessary to have. This in turn also removes some of the freedoms of people, limiting our

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