Understanding The Students ' Nature Of Mathematical Understanding

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To understand the students’ nature of mathematical understanding is crucial for teachers to teach in a mixed-ability classroom. The role of the teacher is to create a classroom culture of mathematical inquiry where all students can participate in activities which has positive achievable outcome. Student’s attitudes towards mathematics have a significant impact on their engagement, success and future study of mathematics. It is important for teachers to create an environment of learning through collaboration that helps students develop positive attitudes and better understanding towards Mathematics.
In this study and the corresponding tasks, I have focused on learning of integer subtraction in stage three mixed ability classroom, where students will get a deeper understanding of multi digit additions and subtractions including problems that require more than one operation with or without using calculator. (ACMNA123)
Task designing:
The tasks contain a range of strategies that will help the students become proficient in integer addition and subtraction calculation. All tasks are differentiated by three challenging levels and different activities to meet all students need in the mix-ability class. I have introduced a variety of games, real life related activities, puzzles and scenarios to make the tasks interesting and engaging for students. I followed Malcom Swan’s (2005, p.7) key principals for the designing of the tasks to achieve the desired effective teaching outcome.…

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