Overview Of A Christian Worldview

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The elements of describing a Christian worldview has many diverse parameters, which entails an ideal view of seeking a spiritual journey through reading and learning about the bible or conversing through other spiritual manners. However, can influential aspects be the root of a Christian worldview? The interpretations to attain are solely on the individual seeking and interacting with those that are similar minded. This paper will explain key elements of the various perceptive view on the spiritual aspect that reflects readings from the bible, defining what the truth means, and our purpose in life.
Eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, God is good are a few attributes that define one God. He is the father and creator of all things. As
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The restoration period is the most significant event to consider, it is a time where humanity’s true nature is saved by God (Merrick, 2016, ch.6). As humanity reconciles itself to God and establishes a relationship to connect back to him, it is important to note the restoration period as having a connection to God. (Lecture 5, 2016). Faith in God sustains the importance of establishing a link with God, if not for faith how does one establish that connection? In the Chapter 6 text readings “justification by faith, the process by persons become righteous on account of their faith in the work of Jesus Christ, which was done on their behalf” (Merrick, 2016). The Christian worldview helps to identify the life and wisdom of Jesus’s teachings through scripture readings and obeying his laws. Before Jesus’s death he gave a sermon on the mount which emphasizes his moral teachings and establishes a righteous way of living a fruitful life (Matthew 5-7). Humanity itself has many diverse methods on the importance of restoring oneself, it is in the interpretation of one that can truly identify to live in God’s favor. Whether the belief of Jesus is recognized it is feasible to live in a moral encompassing life that is fulfilling to one’s …show more content…
Like in the Grand Canyon University slogan “What is your purpose?” I have definitely been on a spiritual and mental journey, especially learning more about the bible and the connection I have been lacking with Jesus. The struggle is identifying where my weaknesses are and learning to forgive not just myself but those that have caused pain, but the hardest part is letting go. I do believe in the purity of the Trinity and the representation of the teachings. I believe in this because of the connection of a higher purpose which allows me to seek a better existence of living a righteous path. There may be some misguided ways to fathom, but my faith and the lessons to learn are there to help guide me through what Jesus so eloquently stated on the

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