Essay about Understanding The Socio Cultural Worlds Of Student Athletes

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James, C. (2005). Race in Play: Understanding the Socio-cultural Worlds of Student Athletes. Toronto: Canadian Scholar 's Press, Inc. [CSPI].

The seventh chapter of this book is dedicated in part to the issue of race in relation to athletic participation and academic attainment. The authors used this chapter to reference research based data that supports getting beyond initial concerns of athletics disrupting academic performance. The chapter also talks about athletic participation levels of females and the role gender plays in the academic attainment levels of females. This chapter cites previous studies that conclude that many athletes also are more likely to pursue post-secondary education. Finally this portion of the chapter ends with a recommendation for schools to promote all extra-curricular activities, especially sports, because sports participation is likely to have an abundance of favorable academic outcomes for students.

Rating: 3. The information presented is relevant to the authors’ concepts, however, the research cited is outdated

Jordan, W. J. (1999). Black high school students ' participation in school-sponsored sports activities: Effects on school engagement and achievement. Journal of Negro Education, 68(1), 54-71.

Jordan based his research specifically on black student athletes and the effects that school sponsored activities have related to black youth. His study was guided by three research questions, they involved the impact sports on students…

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