Understanding The Origin Of Music From Brazil And Cuba Essays

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Understanding the origin of music from Brazil and Cuba: An analysis of Desde que o samba e samba and Son de la Loma
Music in Latin America has been used as a medium for recounting significant moments in history, and provides the opportunity for agency and self-expression for many years. It acts as a watchdog for politics, Governments and dominant groups with authority, unites people from the same cultural, social and economic backgrounds, and creates the opportunity for people from different countries to gain an insight into the cultures, traditions and historical events of other people and places in the Latin world. The world of music would be far from what it is today without the significant influence and role of music produced in Latin America. In this essay I will be focus on music produced in Cuba and Brazil, two countries that have rich musical backgrounds and vast political and social histories. The two songs I will be analysing are Desde que o Samba e Samba produced by Caetano Veloso in Brazil, in 1994 and Son de la Loma written by Miguel Matamoros in Cuba, in 1923. Within these two songs there are clear links to the each songs origin and events or periods within their country’s history.
The 19th and 20th Centuries were times of great political conflict and social change in both Brazil and Cuba which is expressed in many songs of the time and after. During the 1800s and 1900s particularly, immense musical progression was made, which has influenced the popularity,…

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