Essay Understanding Of The Suns Temperatures

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4 understanding of the Suns temperatures, in June of 2013, NASA launched the IRIS solar observatory. IRIS, short for
Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, was launched to use imaging spectrography on the Sun. NASA’s goal was to determine “how solar material moves, gathers energy, and heats up as it travels through a little-understood region in the sun 's lower atmosphere. This interface region between the Sun 's photosphere and corona powers its dynamic million-degree atmosphere and drives the solar wind.” (IRIS mission overview) This mission could help us to understand how material in the Suns corona reaches temperatures thousands of times greater than its surface.
It may also explain how magnetic fields cause solar flares. All of these things will help us to understand weather in space, and atmospheres in distance stars. The projected cost of IRIS - $120 million dollars.
In 1600, William Gilbert noticed the magnetic field of Earth was similar to the field of a small magnetic sphere. It was to be the beginning of the study of the magnetic properties of our planet. In 1833, Earl Gauss invented a magnetometer which could measure the location of deposits of iron beneath Earths’ surface. However, it wasn’t until 1940 that Walter Elsasser would propose an equation model known as the Dynamo Theory, that scientist began to understand that the variations in Earth’s magnetic field are related to the motion of the Earth’s iron core in relation to time, latitude, and longitude. If…

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