Understanding Of Interpersonal Communications For The Group Project

704 Words Dec 11th, 2015 3 Pages
For the group project, we met at the classroom and decided to go to the library and watch the videos together in a study room. Gabriella had her laptop out and we used her laptop to watch the videos. I wrote all the group members’ names and what two concepts they put together for their videos. Sarai and Eleni both took notes on the pros and cons of each video that was played. Before each video, we would so a short introduction stating what two concepts we chose and how we combined them into a comprehensive understanding of interpersonal communications for those two concepts. After the brief introduction, the video was played and we moved on to the next person. There wasn’t much discussion about the videos themselves until all the group members presented their video to the rest of the group.
As always, there are always some challenges when working in a group, especially when critiquing is involved in this case. Sarai’s video, for some reason, wouldn’t load. It would only play for the first 5 or 10 seconds and then the loading image popped up. With that, Sarai had to explain what she did in her video and how she presented it without having the help of us being able to see the video. Another challenge was the fact we all did our own videos and we had to critique each other. The only teamwork that was involved in this group project was the critique itself. It felt a bit awkward to actually critique someone’s video and they’re right in front of you. There were two challenges…

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