Understanding Of A Elementary Classroom Teacher, Our Daily Interactions With Children

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As a kindergarten classroom teacher, our daily interactions with children vary because of the different stages of cognitive development each child possesses. One of the difficulties that children face is reading comprehension. As reading is the foundation for all learning it is vital that comprehension is mastered. According to the research findings by “National Reading Panel” in 2000, which concluded that the “five pillars” of reading are core. They are phonemic awareness; vocabulary, phonics, fluency and comprehension are crucial for all learning. What is worth noticing is the full range of varying abilities of the students concerning of “phonemic awareness.” Phonemes are the sound basis of language and when not interpreted correctly makes word formation difficult. The term “phonemic awareness” refers to the ability to identify, hear and manipulate particular sounds. When children learn to read, they must first be taught to manipulate letters in the alphabet. Activities are developed through phonemic awareness to help children identify and categorize sound blending. The adding and removal of letters to form new words can change the sound of a word. And when the sounds are substituted, new words are often constructed incorrectly. According to Yopp H.K, & Yopp R.H, (2000) when phonemic strategies are employed students reading levels improve.

The Purpose of the Report
This report will examine ways to improve the sample student’s concentration, through phonemic…

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